you Found Me! …

So you’ve made it to my official, one and only, worldwide infamous web.  I’m slowly adding to this site… doing it as I have time and when I’m not being just plain lazy.  Glad you stopped by – drop a note if you feel like it!

The fam… Christmas 2015

If you already know me then you know I’m a happily married father of two girls, and an IT Administrator (yeah… that dude) when I’m in work mode; lived in Atlanta with my wife Erin since 1991, so it’s now our home town and we love it here.  (Ok, technically we live in the Atlanta burbs but in our hearts we’re ITP’ers and you Atl folks know what that means). The girls came along and made it one big happy, female-infested home.  Again, for those that know me I’d have it no other way.    ;)

Professionally, I work in IT Management and administration, working extensively in the engineering space.  Erin is a certified Medical Assistant working at a family practice physician’s office.

In my previous life I was chasing the dream, playing and recording music, which I think is one of the sacred aspects of human consciousness.  It has and always will be what runs through my head every moment of every day – music.  I managed to pass that along to the girls; love that Madeline rocks her drums so well.

Love, happiness and peace…


2 Responses to you Found Me! …

  1. Tracie Wise says:

    Awesome! Love all you said here! Love you, Erin and the girls!

  2. madeline huckle says:

    hey daddy I love you

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